WordPress or Blogger?

I’ve been considering making the switch to WordPress for this blog (which to the casual reader would just mean that when they visited mathmommymusings.blogspot.com they’d be redirected to mathmommymusings.wordpress.com), mostly because I use WordPress for work already, and I like the author interface better.  If it lets me post easily from my phone, I’ll be 99% sold.  The one big feature I’ll miss from Blogger is being able to post photos directly from Picasa when I’m using a real camera and a real computer…. but when do I ever have time to do either of those anymore?

Okay so photos… That’s the real test.  How easy is iOS to WordPress?


… Well, that worked.  Probably at least as easy as posting to Facebook from my phone.

So, I had already imported all of the Blogspot blog (all 229 posts!) to this site, and for whatever reason, all the images came over smaller than I would have liked.  You can click them to see a larger version, but I’d love to have them appear larger by default.  I guess I can work on that.  In my spare time.  😉


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