Monthly Archives: June 2012


I can’t seem to keep these boys off the furniture anymore! (and by furniture, we’re not talking about chairs and couches and low-lying tables… oh, no)

Oh, and that box in Josh’s hand? Empty tissue box. Was full ten minutes before, all nicely aligned, ready to pop up one at a time. Was full five minutes before, stuffed in there as well as I could manage after gathering them from all over the couch. But tissues are small potatoes today. Noah and Amelia at least taught me that trick.


The rest of birthdaymonth May

We had a party at our house for family and close friends, for all four kids (well, the adults thought it was for the one-year olds, and the bigger kids thought it was for them).  You can see more photos from this party here, if these whet your appetite.

Then on Memorial Day, which was actually Amelia’s birthday, we had a joint party for her and Noah’s daycare classmates and some family friends at Hoppin’ House.  More Hoppin’ photos here.

Finally today, Noah’s birthday rounded out the month. We started at Chuck-E-Cheese where Noah got to take a turn in the Ticket Blaster (Amelia was going to help, but was overwhelmed when tickets started to fly).

We finished the day, and the month, with a final round of cupcakes and some time to play with new toys.

Between princesses and building toys, our house has a definite castle theme going on right now.