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Christmas 2011-ish

I was up late last night working on a post about our Chinese New Year adventures yesterday… which I didn’t finish uploading the photos for. And in my list of posts, I stumbled upon this one still in draft mode from January 4. I guess I should post Christmas before New Years, huh?

(Noah is still slowly eating the candy off his gingerbread house. I told him that when January is over, it is going away for good!)

(Yes, we were roller skating on Christmas Day. Turns out that an empty skating rink is a FABULOUS place to host a big family’s Christmas festivities. We’re so thankful to have been invited to share a friend’s celebration. And Amelia was absolutely determined and thrilled to skate… and skate… and skate. Turns out it’s pretty hard to spot a 2-yr old, even without skates on your own feet!)