Five Months

Mr. Bear has lost his nose. Last month I was able to track it down and balance it in place, but today it was nowhere to be found. Photoshop, anyone?

Only one more month to go until I’ve managed to pull off as many milestone bear photos with these babies as I did for the older two. I’m sure I just jinxed myself by saying that out loud… who wants to send me a reminder next month around November 2 or so? 🙂

My sister and fellow twin mom tells me I should be taking solo photos of each one all along also, so they have an identity for their baby books (or something like that). I’m sure she’s right, but so far, it’s not happening. Please boys, don’t hate your mama when you realize all your solo photos are awkwardly cropped and conspicuously lopsided:


In all seriousness, five months is a lot of fun. Joshua and Jacob are really smiling, laughing, and interacting not only with us, but (to their great delight) with Noah and Amelia as well… and occasionally even with each other! They’re starting to roll and scoot, grab at toys, and kick their little legs with quite a bit of oomph. As much jumping as they do in our laps, I think they’d really love the jumperoo we have stashed in the attic, but with the crib, 2 swings, 2 exersaucers, bouncer, activity mat and bumbo already in the living room, there’s just no room!


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