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My new favorite photo


I cried when I accidentally deleted this photo today. Do you know how hard it is to get 4 kids under 4 to all look at a camera at the same time?!? Thankfully a really smart and tech-savvy friend was online, heard my desperate plea for help, and quickly helped me “undelete” it from the camera’s memory card before too many tears were shed. The internet is a wonderful place sometimes. 🙂 For future reference, is pretty darn cool. And free. And it worked. Thanks again, Damon.

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Five Days Old

Rather than wait till I have time to fill in the missing story of why I haven’t posted in a long, long, long time, it would be easier to just jump in here with some photos and back-fill the details later. Enjoy!

Joshua John & Jacob Paul:


Noah & Jacob:

Noah is excited about singing Laurie Berkner’s “Five Days Old” to his brothers today — he’s been talking about this milestone for weeks!

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Filling in the gaps

I hinted that I might fill in a little of what happened in the 8 months that this blog was mostly dormant. So, here’s the CliffsNotes version.

July-September 2010: Earnestly trying to put together my portfolio for promotion at work. Huge job, lots of stress.

Two days after portfolio deadline:
Found out I was pregnant.

Two weeks later: Ultrasound revealed not one but TWO BABIES. Seriously?

A few days later:
Morning sickness is kicking my ass and I start trying to make arrangements to cut back at work.

A few days later: Forget cutting back at work, I need to QUIT. My OB sets me up with a home-health nursing service so that I can have Zofran (anti-nausea drug) on a continuous pump and round-the-clock IV hydration.

Sick, sick, sick… but thankful to be able to hibernate at home through the worst of it.

January-March: Feeling human again, though very pregnant. I heard somewhere that with multiples, you go straight from 1st trimester to third (then beyond), and that’s what it felt like. Only while mom feels “full-term” big, the babies aren’t ready to safely greet the world. It’s a tricky, careful time. Books and websites said this was the time when many would be heading for bedrest; this mama was headed back to work. It wasn’t easy, but I was lucky to have no medical complications to force me home.

April: In the last month or so of pregnancy, I gradually gave up walking, then standing, then even sitting upright… which finally meant no more work. My OB was ready to schedule an induction the day I hit 37 weeks, but (with her blessing and the support of my perinatologist) we decided to hold out a few days longer for May.

May 2, 2011:

May 3, 2011: