Pampers Gifts to Grow HACK

If you read this, and you buy Pampers (diapers OR wipes), here’s a hint.

You know the Gifts to Grow codes inside the packages? They’ve improved the reward program lately so that you don’t have to pay shipping costs on the toys and gifts. But back in the day, I was set on ordering the online rewards to avoid those costs, and I learned that you can’t request the same gifts twice from the same Pampers account. Well, not the Shutterfly 8×8″ Photo Book, anyway. So 200 points later, I realized how to get around it. Every time you reach your target goal to cash in points, start a new account. All it takes is a new email address, and we know those are easy to come by. If you run out of existing email addresses, did you know you can add “+anything” to your gmail address ( and it gets sent to the same inbox? Neat trick for flagging junkmail, from Pampers or anyone else.

There’s a bigger perk to starting a new account every time you cash in points — you also get to reuse all those freebie codes that are one per account. Below is a list of promo codes that have worked for me lately. Eleven points (give or take, some promos expire), just for starting over. At least 8 or 9 of these I used on my previous account as well, and probably the account before that. Plus, I think I’m getting more coupons in my actual mailbox now that I have 3 rewards accounts linked to my home address!

Promotional Code STARTEARNINGNOW 1.00
Promotional Code OHAMANDAAWGTG08 1.00
Promotional Code WELCOMEBONUS089 1.00
Promotional Code WELCOME2GTG0809 1.00
Promotional Code THRIFTYMOMMYGTG 1.00
Promotional Code JUSTBECAUSE2009 1.00
Promotional Code GRATUIT89102009 1.00
Promotional Code XKCMYXFVD96VXVK 3.00
Promotional Code JOINTHEFUNGTG09 1.00

Updated 12/21/09: 7KRPTCWJJJ4K743
(10 pts on new scale, equivalent to 1.00 before)

Updated 12/27/09: happyholidays10
(10 pts on new scale, equivalent to 1.00 before)

Updated 12/30/09: GROWWITHVILLAGE
(10 pts on new scale, equivalent to 1.00 before)

Updated 2/10/2010: WELCOME2GTG2010
(10 pts on new scale, equivalent to 1.00 before)

Updated 2/10/2010: WELCOME2VILLAGE
(10 pts on new scale, equivalent to 1.00 before)

Updated 2/10/2010: GTGPLAY2USA2010
(30 pts on new scale, equivalent to 3.00 before)

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other Promo Codes that are still valid. And if you have regular codes from diapers or wipes that you’re not using (unlike the promos, those can only be entered one time), I’d be happy to dedicate a page to you in my next Shutterfly 8×8″ Photo Book. Send me an email!


One thought on “Pampers Gifts to Grow HACK

  1. Great ideas! I just cashed in some of my points this week and used them to make an 8×8 photo book. I was disappointed, because I had a heck of a time getting Shutterfly to accept the code I was given from Pampers. Two rounds with customer service later, it worked. But now I am ready to check out and it's telling me I have to pay shipping. I thought shipping was free on all the rewards? Maybe not for Shutterfly gifts? Anyway, I really like the new email address idea, because after looking over the rewards, I think the Shutterfly rewards would be the only I would like, and I'm disappointed I have 400 rewards left and I can't use them for another Photo Book. They sure make nice Christmas gifts!!

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