A Busy Week

Last week, Noah turned Two Years Old! (wow, time flies…)


And Amelia enjoyed her first week at home.


As you can imagine, there were too many photos to share here, so click these links (or click the photos) for slideshows of each milestone…


4 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. Great pics!! Amelia is sooo precious! I was hoping you'd post some more pics of her! What a doll! Noah is such a big boy, and so cute! So hard to believe they are 2 already! =O ~Katie

  2. A grin in the first week! I love all of the pictures, and both of your babies are beautiful. I can't believe how skinny Noah is. Grace is 35.5 inches tall and 34.25 pounds. She would look like a little girlie linebacker next to Noah. 🙂

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