A Very Important Job

Ever since he’s been toddling about with confidence and purpose, Noah has been throwing away his own dirty diapers. (Yes, I wrap them up tight so there’s no “dirty” peeking out!) He treats it like the most important job in the world, and he’s quite proud of his new responsibility. The funny part is, the whole thing was his idea. I vaguely remember one day when he stood up from a diaper change, picked up the diaper and walked away with it, so I showed him where the trashcan in the laundry room was. Then I remember one time when one of his grandmas thought he was playing with a “nasty old diaper” and wanted to take it away, and I slowly realized that he wanted to throw it away. So she tried to lead him to the kitchen trash, but NO, he wanted to go to the laundry room! These days it’s every diaper every time. Wednesday I changed him right before we both laid down for a nap together, so I tossed the wrapped-up diaper to the floor at the foot of the bed. First thing Noah did when he woke up? Spotted that diaper and carried it across the house. Yesterday I caught him patiently waiting at the laundry room door, which I had closed earlier, diaper in hand. This morning he had a diaper so heavy (thank you, Huggies Overnites!) that it literally took both hands — he kept dropping it because he didn’t believe it was that heavy. Funny stuff.

Of course, along with the convenience of having my very own diaper-trasher, I now have the extra mom duty of checking that trashcan for stray socks and other dirty laundry. It seems he’s training for his second job as laundry sorter, and unfortunately, the dirty laundry hamper is right next to the trash can.

Given that he’s also been acting as a human vacuum cleaner since he could crawl (Oh, Noah, you found a treasure! Now hand it to mommy before you put it in your mouth), I think we’ve got a pretty talented little helper over here. Now why doesn’t my house look cleaner than it does?


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