I’ve been meaning to post photos of Noah enjoying some of his birthday presents. Of course the real delay is in Mommy posting photos, not in Noah playing with them! And of course of course, I just tried pick some of the best photos, not the best gifts. No fair getting offended, anyone!

The Splash Pool is lots of fun, and our lawn is appreciating the runoff!

Noah likes to press the button over and over on the Little People Tractor until it gets to the longer song, and then he stops and listens and gets the biggest grin on his face. Sometimes he’ll dance along.

Aunt Elaine had all kinds of suggestions on how to make the tunnel less scary to teach Noah to go through it, but he was pretty fearless! We just tossed one of his new toys into the middle, and he scurried right after it.

Noah really likes this Shape Sorter. Never heard of the brand (Battat), but I like it a lot. The pieces are easy to get back out, the sides are color-coded with the pieces to add another dimension to the matching (or simplify it, if babies can think that way), and one side has some bead sliders for before they’re ready for matching. Plus, some of the shapes are letters and numbers. I’m so impressed. Noah figured out the circle very quickly.

Our neighbors are big baseball fans, and they’re trying to get Noah started young with this baby teeball set. It’s working. Noah likes to hit the ball off the tee with the bat, and push the buttons to make the little people say “You’re SAFE!”

Mommy and Daddy got Noah this Radio Flyer Retro Rocket, and it was almost as big a hit with the older cousins at the party.

The Wii Fit was never intended to be a Noah present, but somebody forgot to tell him that. He loves doing his own version of step aerobics, and “helping” mom with her balance games.


3 thoughts on “Loot!

  1. Yay – an update! Kostyn has the same shape sorter. He loves it, too, but I have to help him figure out which shapes go on which sides. Also, I love that splash pool! Do you know where it was bought?

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