Eleven Months

I’ve been noticing lots of little new things that Noah’s been doing lately. Some aren’t quite the stuff that you write down in the baby book, and many tend to go by unnoticed at first, but it really is a fascinating time to watch him learning new things. Let’s see if I can list some of the cool new things he’s doing these days:

  • He claps. A LOT. He claps anytime we say “yay!” or he does something he’s proud of, or when he finishes anything, or when mommy or daddy play Guitar Hero, or when he sees us grab the cheese out of the fridge.
  • He eats 100% of his meals by himself, with his fingers. He can pick up anything from squishy tofu to slimy peaches, and he can extract every last shred or curd of cheese from among the rest of the food on his tray.
  • He tries to “eat” water with his fingers.
  • He can drink from an open cup, and can hold his own sippy cup.
  • He can drink through a straw.
  • He can pull the straw from the cup, AND put it back in the tiny hole!
  • He is good at putting things in and taking things out, and loves to play basketball in the bathtub.
  • He turns the pages as I read a book, and knows which direction to go.
  • He counts with mommy, matching my rhythm syllable for syllable (though not in English).
  • He sings and dances (not at the same time).
  • He shakes his head yes, no, and go faster!
  • He signs “milk” and “bye,” is starting to use “more” and “drink”, and recognizes “eat,” “all done,” and “bath.”
  • He kisses without using his teeth.
  • He lets me spray saline in his nose without too much of a fight, and he even asks for it sometimes when I forget.
  • He can stand unassisted, and turn/pivot before dropping to crawl.
  • He climbs up onto stuff — stools, boxes, laundry baskets, anything — and can usually get himself back down safely.
  • He climbs up stairs (three flights in one go) and would probably climb back down if mommy would just let him go headfirst.
  • He can get on and off his Radio Flyer Retro Rocket all by himself.
  • He pushes his walker toy around the room, either maneuvering around or plowing over anything in his path.
  • He “walks” on his knees.
  • He walks holding onto someone’s fingers, and insists on using only one hand so that he can carry a toy along.


  • ….and just today he TOOK THREE STEPS!!!! (while mommy and daddy were both looking, no less)

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