Oh, No!




This morning we found him on top of the toilet paper, which was in the middle of the floor at the time.

This evening I found him IN the full laundry basket, and by the time I grabbed my camera, he was on the toilet paper again.

At Aunt Elaine’s house this afternoon, he was on his way up the stairs by the time I caught up with him from the living room (and then he proceeded to climb –supervised– all the way up to the third floor tower room!!!!!)

And as I’m typing this, he’s climbing up daddy, onto the ottoman.




1 thought on “Oh, No!

  1. Heh, heh, heh… (that was the sound of me chuckling)Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions. Except, get rid of anything she can climb on. :)Grace has been doing this for a little while. Maybe six weeks? At this point, she climbs up onto EVERYTHING. Everything. It’s funny to me now, as long as she’s not in a precarious place.So, here’s my help for you – take a deep breath and celebrate with Noah. I’m sure he’s very proud of himself.

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