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Son of a mathmommy

Usually when Noah visits my office, we play with bubbles, blocks, or balls — all toys for my geometry class. But last week he found something new.

Ooooohhh… protractors!

(I think it’s as weird as you do, I promise.)




Rockin’ Grandma

Look what we caught Noah’s Grandma doing!

We’ve been having fun playing Guitar Hero lately, so a few weeks ago we took it over to her house to share with the cousins. Of course, I couldn’t resist snapping these shots. Grandma was a natural!

Noah has decided it’s pretty fun to watch and dance and sing along with the music. And since he started clapping this weekend, he dutifully claps after each song. Of course he’s also decided that maybe he needs to help with the strumming and fret-pushing, which has caused mommy to get boo-ed off the stage more than once!

Oh, No!




This morning we found him on top of the toilet paper, which was in the middle of the floor at the time.

This evening I found him IN the full laundry basket, and by the time I grabbed my camera, he was on the toilet paper again.

At Aunt Elaine’s house this afternoon, he was on his way up the stairs by the time I caught up with him from the living room (and then he proceeded to climb –supervised– all the way up to the third floor tower room!!!!!)

And as I’m typing this, he’s climbing up daddy, onto the ottoman.




Noah’s wearing his “crabby” shirt today. How come they don’t make shirts like this in adult sizes??


Here’s some math for you:

sick baby stress
end of semester stress
piles of papers that need to be graded
grumpy baby that needs to be cuddled
one overwhelmed mama

I think my students might like a little warning when they come into class today… the t-shirt might do the trick.


I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately, or haven’t had much to post about, but we’re still here. This week Noah is battling an “unidentified virus” that has brought him a high fever, random bouts of irritability, and a streak where he’ll only eat fruit. The good news is that, even though we can tell he feels downright crummy, he still finds ways to laugh and giggle and play and snuggle, and warm our hearts in the way that only Noah can. Plus he’s had two playdates with Grandma because he can’t go to daycare, and those are always a treat.

In other Noah news, we’re making progress in the sleep department. I don’t want to get into the details here because sleep is one of those parenting issues that’s worth treading lightly, and I just don’t feel like choosing my words carefully right now. I will say that Ms. D. has helped tremendously, and she had a fairly successful two-week run of full days. Now that Noah has been out of commission for a bit, we’re crossing our fingers that he remembers how to nap for her when he goes back. Also, mommy and daddy had a taste of success this weekend when Noah put himself to sleep for a nap in his crib on Saturday morning! I’m sure it was all Ms. D’s doing, but it made us feel pretty good anyway.

Also, Noah attended his first birthday party last weekend, for his little friend Massimo. They’re only a couple months apart in age, and they don’t interact much yet (aside from sharing leaf-“snacks” in the yard), but we think they’re sure to be fast friends in the future.


ETA- Somebody’s cheeks are starting to get pudgy again. I hardly recognize Noah in this photo! (He’s the little one on the right.) According to the doctor’s scale on Monday, he finally tops 20 lbs.


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