The word “blog” has been on my radar for about half a decade or so. At first, I didn’t get it. Why would I want to read about the daily humdrum of a virtual stranger, especially one who’s not a professional wordsmith? Then one day, the stars collide: you’re bored enough to read anything, you happen across a blog that’s not half bad, and before you know it you’ve been sucked in like quicksand, and you just. can’t. stop. reading. It’s a lot like reality TV in that sense. There even a TiVo of the blogworld: Google Reader.

I remember the first blog that sucked me in, The Trixie Update, by Ben MacNeill. Back in the day, it was the masterpiece creation of graphic designer turned stay-at-home-dad, where he not only kept track of all the earthshattering things that his newborn did (eat, sleep, and poop), but he found astonishingly cool ways to analyze the endless data and depict it in graphic form. But alas, like puppies, blogs grow up, and the sleep cycles of a 4 year-old just don’t make the same pretty artwork. BenMac posts a couple of times a year these days.

The Trixie Update Masthead

Someday, I should post some of the sleep charts (a la Trixie Telemetry) from Noah’s early months. They’re kinda cool, in the same geeky way the dot map is cool. Besides, at some point, I might ought to earn my “Math Mommy” title. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t able to keep up with my data collecting very long. Life gets in the way of silly stuff like that.


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