Be a Dot!

I just added a SiteMeter widget to my page, so I can see exactly how many people are(n’t) reading it. It’s really nothing more than a geeky gadget, but it’s fun for us math-type people. One of the coolest things SiteMeter can do is show where my visitors come from, on a world map. So come visit my page, and become a Dot! Oh, wait, you already have! Better yet, leave me a comment and say Hi! (see that little link at the end of each post that says “143 comments”? I know you’re hiding out there!)


Unfortunately, the SiteMeter people are clever enough that I can’t show the dynamic map here, so you’ll have to use you imagination to see YOUR dot until I post a more updated version.

ETA: Thanks to all my dots! I feel so loved today!!!


15 thoughts on “Be a Dot!

  1. Well, riley’s_momma, if it makes you feel any better, I updated the map so that you’re the RED dot! That’s the most recent visitor. Actually there’s another dot just beneath yours… somebody really near you, or you on another occasion?

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