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I guess January’s not over yet…

Tuesday Noah was running a fever at daycare. A new ear infection. We are all tired. Sick babies are sad. Work is hard. Daycare is harder. I really need to post a smiling Noah picture to go with this post, just to give it some redeeming quality. He’s pretty cute, isn’t he?

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Happy New Year, finally!

Happy 2008! After a gloriously fun-filled holiday season with lots of family and friends, the three of us had a rough start to the new year, with a nasty cold bug that was complicated by mommy going back to work and Noah starting daycare. I could say so much more, but not without using phrases like “heartbreaking cough, gobs of snot, blisters on eardrum, 104 degree fever, vicious diaper rash, force-feeding medicine….” On the bright side, things are starting to get better. And my students didn’t complain when I cancelled two days of class and called in subs for another. We’ll hold off on the full daycare report. Things are improving, but I still can’t say he doesn’t hate it.

Despite it all, Noah’s been a trooper. And he knows how to have a good time. This evening I overheard squeals of delight coming from the back bedroom, where Noah had crawled chasing his daddy, and this is what I found (click for a must-see video that’s guaranteed to make you smile):

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And if that wasn’t enough to tickle your funny bone, here’s another from a few weeks ago:

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